Thursday, June 17, 2010


So it's in the truck and home three days later.
A great river, a real gem .

Great trip!!

Some general notes
This was a demanding trip both physically and mentally. Travelling solo really ups the neccessary caution level. This is for experienced canoeists and campers only. TIP: bring extra cord to replace stakes for the tent. You'll be pitching on bedrock more than once and tying up to rocks, logs whatever.

This river isn't likely to kill you but you could get in a real jam if you don't know what your doing and don't have an accurate assessment of your real ww skill levels. Being able to read rapids and currents is critical as well as a thorough, practical knowledge of hydrodynamics and what that can do to you and your boat. The upper Kopka would be a tougher slog for tandem paddlers (but doable) at the low water levels I encountered. Higher water (say up to 1 foot higher) would actually have made things easier and less technical. River conditions are going to change yearly as downed trees get removed or deposited with the spring floods.

If you do this trip expect to be using your imagination and creativity negotiating many of the rapids as you paddle, line and maybe sometimes push, pull and carry your way down. (I left out swimming , but you never know. . . ) Yes , I'd definitely put this on my do again list . . . but there's so many rivers . . . Chimo!

Doug aka serge88

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