Wednesday, June 16, 2010



Top: Lunch on Uneven Lake at good campsite.
2nd from top: Scene from river campsite.
3rd from top: Cooling off.
Bottom: The intimate Kopka.

Awoke to another nice day and shipped out. I had camped at a narrow part of Uneven Lake and soon was in the last big part of the lake. . . it's a long body of water. . . glad to get it behind me. Thank goodness still had a tailwind. There was a complex of modern cabins in bay on the left which I paddled past. Near the end of the lake on the left (west) shore is a very nice "A" campsite where I stopped to have lunch. Soon I would be finished with lake travel for a while and getting into more river.

The forest fire area was past and the woods looked inviting again. The river between Uneven Lake and Sandison Lake is I think the prettiest part of the Kopka. Maybe not spectacular but seemingly the most pristine and intimate.

It was in this section that I saw a cow moose and the next day a sow bear and her two cubs. Lots of wildlife and old growth forest. There are lots of exciting Cl I and II rapids as well. I camped at a very nice "A" campsite about a third of the way to Sandison Lake. It rained a tiny bit but did not dampen my spirits. I had seen the cow moose earlier that day after running a little rapid and turning a corner in the river. She was old enough to expect a spring calf with her but early death by a bear or other misfortune may have claimed it. Despite being in the woods with lots of water, the bugs were surprisingly light.

Had a nice swim to cool off, made a fire and cooked dinner. What a great day.

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